Advertiser Disclosure

Below you will find our full Advertiser Disclosure and how we make money in the interest of openness and transparency.

How We Make Money

Most of the service offers that come into view on this site are from companies from which Deals We Like receives compensation. This compensation does not affect how and where products show on this site; including, for example, the order in which they emerge.

We are the UCAASR expert team make suggestions within our buyer’s guides with reviews based on independent quantitative with qualitative assessments. To maintain independence from our business operations, our members have the final declaration on whether or not to recommend a partner.

Our products and services feature on our website since they help us deliver the best answer, not because of a financial relationship. Mentioning with products and services in our content does not cause compensation for Fit Small Business.

A disclosure can just qualify or limit a claim to keep away from a misleading impression. It cannot cure a false claim. If a disclosure provides information that opposes a material claim, the disclosure will not be adequate to prevent the ad from being misleading. In that situation, the claim itself should be modified. Various Commission rules and guides explain the information that must be disclosed in correlation with certain claims. In a lot of cases, these disclosures stop a claim from being confusing or deceptive. Other rules and guides need disclosures to guarantee that consumers receive material information to help out them in making well-informed decisions, or to execute statutes furthering public policy goals. In all of these instances, UCAASR disclosure is clear and prominent.

We recommend you carry out an independent search if ever you are in suspicion about a recommendation. Compensation has not and will in no way direct our review of a great or bad product. We present this disclosure for transparency, as we would like to be a reliable source for your needs.

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