Best VoIP Number Porting Service Providers

Switch Providers, Keep Your Number

With many small and medium businesses already using VoIP numbers, the need to retain the same business number for a long time is one of the major challenges. Most business owners also try to retain their usual office number when turning to VoIP services.

Porting phone numbers is one of the solutions that businesses can use. With phone number porting, it is possible to transfer the usual landline office number to a VoIP service provider. While it is possible to port a mobile number to VoIP, it is necessary to port landline to cell first then port the cell number to VoIP.

To learn more about what it takes to port VoIP numbers to other service providers, keep on reading.

Can VoIP Numbers Be Ported?

Yes, it is possible to port VoIP numbers to another VoIP service provider. With VoIP number porting, users of VoIP services do not have to change numbers anytime they switch from one service provider to another. It is also possible to port the number to Google Voice for those who use this VoIP service.

The 7 Best VoIP Call Service FAQS

With so many phone number porting service providers in the market, VoIP phone number users may get confused on which services to use and the ones to avoid. For those who wish to port landline to cell phone numbers there is so many options to choose from.

Here are the seven best phone number porting VoIP companies:


1. PanTerra

PanTerra is one of the leading phone number porting service providers. With the best VoIP system for desktop and phone, they also provide reliable services for those who wish to port landline to cell. For porting services, get in touch with the company via their contact details for more guidance.

2. RingCentral

RingCentral is one of the undisputed giants in the world of VoIP technology. They have been around for quite a long time and offer affordable rates. To transfer from another VoIP service provider to RingCentral, contact them for their phone number porting services.

3. Voip

Although Voip is not one of the most popular VoIP service providers out there, it is among the few options that provide VoIP number porting. They allow their customers to a port landline to cell and eventually cell to VoIP if need be.

4. Google Voice

Google voice has become a leader in the world of VoIP services. They are among the most popular VoIP service providers and also allow users to port their numbers. Any user can port a mobile number to VoIP at a small fee. They also allow users to port VoIP numbers to Google Voice.

5. Skype

Skype is one of the leading VoIP service providers with over 300 million subscribers. They are the leading experts in phone number porting and provide various services. While they may be able to port landline numbers to cell phones, they do not offer services that port VoIP numbers to landlines.

6. Vonage

With Vonage, which is among the leading phone service providers, VoIP number porting is possible. They allow users to port numbers from landline to cell and even port from other VoIP service providers.

The beauty of Vonage is that it is among the most affordable options in VoIP calls and porting services.

7. Lingo

Lingo is a pretty young VoIP service provider but one of the best. Users of Lingo can port their numbers to other service providers. Since it is possible to port landline to Google Voice, any person using Lingo can port their Google Voice number as well.

With so many benefits when it comes to porting numbers, it is necessary to check each VoIP service provider and analyze their porting features. The service providers above are among the best in the industry. They offer porting services at different levels and depending on the needs of the client.

The Benefits of Porting VoIP Number to Cell Phone

The benefits of VoIP number porting are unlimited. Businesses can easily transfer landline numbers to VoIP by using porting services. This way, there is no need to have multiple numbers for clients. There are many other benefits of porting a VoIP number as highlighted.

Benefits of VoIP porting services:

  • They allow users to switch from one VoIP service provider to another at any time.
  • They help individuals and businesses retain cellphone and landline numbers when shifting to VoIP services.
  • Porting services ensure business continuity even when a business chooses to shift to VoIP numbers.

With all the benefits, it is reasonable for businesses and individuals to seek the services of VoIP number porting experts. With these services, any company can be sure to maintain regular and uninterrupted communication with clients and other business partners.



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