Business VoIP Providers

Business Alternative to Conventional Landlines

The use of phone systems to manage multimedia sessions and voice communications is useful to small businesses when compared to conventional landlines or traditional phone systems. Business VoIP providers give companies internet phone services solutions that allow them to track usage and link team members with each other.

Every business has its internal and external communication objectives laid out so that organizational goals can be achieved in good time and business processes properly coordinated between teams. To meet these goals effectively is the primary aim of business VoIP providers.

Keep reading to find out who the business VoIP providers are and get to know some of the best-rated VoIP service providers.

What is Business VoIP?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. This is a phone network that uses the internet to make telephone calls without using regular landlines. A VoIP phone might easily pass for a traditional phone in appearance. A VoIP phone is connected through a router and internet connection to function.

When using VoIP, there is no need to purchase additional hardware systems like a PBX system. Hardware costs will be greatly decreased because VoIP does not require a desk phone to work. A software app for a smartphone and the best-rated VoIP phone system can be used to execute the call.

A VoIP service provider will provide servers that make the connection between VoIP phones possible.

The 15 Best VoIP Providers for Small Business

Small businesses need to exploit VoIP services because PSTN landline connections are fast becoming relics of the past. Landline setup costs are sometimes unusually high but business VoIP providers can provide the best-rated VoIP phone systems for medium business at relatively low costs.

The best-rated VoIP phone systems for medium businesses are cost-effective, easy, and fast to implement. Finding the best-rated VoIP service can be very time-consuming if customers don’t know what to look for.

Here are the 15 best-rated VoIP services for Business:

1. PanTerra

PanTerra VoIP is among the top ten VoIP companies offering an enterprise unified communication application. The company has a reputation for customer excellence. PanTerra is a phone system that can allow people to take work calls and transfer their clients to the office with a lot of ease.

PanTerra combines all communication devices by integrating VoIP with email and SMS through a seamless process called unified communication. This process has helped people thriving in the gig economy use their own devices to have a smooth experience in their business communication. VoIP reviews give it a 4.9-star rating.

2. JustCall

JustCall offers a cloud-based phone system that is used by small businesses for their daily operations. The system is not maintained on a server and reduces local and international calls significantly. Sales teams and contact center staff will find JustCall VoIP services useful to keep their operations functioning seamlessly.

Some of the features that are specially integrated with JustCall VoIP services are automated to handle phone calls and SMS. Customers find it easy to reach decision-makers in each division in their business quickly. A call-back link cuts the time that support staff and back-office staff would use to manually check their call logs.

JustCall has additional features and settings that support VoIP services and this includes Auto Dialer, Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), SMS Bots, Predictive Dialer, and Bulk SMS Campaigns. The system is ideal for sales teams as it helps manage all calls and the team can monitor all cell activities and recordings.

3. GoToConnect

This company has an interface that is simple and designed for small businesses with many pricing options available. VoIP options present include video conferencing that can accommodate up to 250 members. Members can access international numbers for more than 25 countries.

The phone services include international calls, caller ID, unlimited call queues, do not disturb, call routing, and advanced ring strategies. GoToConnect is suitable for small businesses that have employees who work from anywhere. Its VoIP is simple to use and very affordable and comes with round-the-clock customer support.

For a price of $19.95 a month, customers can access voice, call management, call center, and video conference features that can allow up to 250 meeting participants. Conference features include up to 25 HD video feeds.

4. Nextiva VoIP Software

Nextiva provides enterprise-level telephone services that improve the efficiency and productivity in communication through accessible PBX trunks. Other services that are available are online faxing and call center services and an A.I. system that connects both customers and teams in the same app.

Pricing for their VOIP solutions ranges from $34.95 for their Office Pro plan to $44.95 for their Office Enterprise plan. System features include professionally recorded greetings, SMS messaging, access to a free local and toll-free number, unlimited calling, auto-attendant, CRM features, and analytics reporting.

Nextiva is the number one rated phone software in the U.S. that allows users to connect their phone systems with Artificial Intelligence and automation on one platform. Small businesses can get consumer and business intelligence from its analytics feature. This single platform can be used to communicate via text, instant message, and email.

Other functionalities help sales and customer service teams focus exclusively on their customers.


Phone.system is a platform that enables small and medium-sized businesses to connect globally without challenges while operating their businesses. The service can connect with all VoIP providers and does not require technical expertise to set up.

One of the challenges that VoIP users often come across is the inability to operate technical web interfaces. This platform is designed in such a way that the functional elements are dragged and dropped. The features of this cloud-based system include voicemail forwarding, display of call logs, online conference rooms.

There is an interlink feature that is unique to only. There is no need to purchase software when using this system and there are no upgrades needed when using Additionally, no training sessions and skills are required to configure the web interface.

6. RingCentral Office

Businesses that do not need on-premises PBX systems can rely on cloud PBX systems that eliminate the need for servers that eat up storage space. Ring central provides VoIP services on a secure cloud platform without the need for servers.

The features of this system include toll-free numbers, unlimited calling and audio and video meetings, unlimited SMS, call log reports, multi-level auto-attendant, and other features. Billing is seamless under an all-inclusive plan that doesn’t have any hidden costs. Long-distance calls are available in their official plans.

Individual users and small businesses can manage their communications using a mobile phone or computer from remote locations and anywhere without the need for computer hardware. Its reputation and level of service cement its place in the list of top ten VoIP companies.

7. 8X8

8X8 operates an online portal that doesn’t need physical maintenance and PBX hardware. Users can communicate from anywhere and the features allow a seamless phone to screen chat transition.

The basic plan starts at $15. And the next level is $25 a month which includes unlimited calls to more than 10 countries and a list of integrations, audio and video conferencing. The last plan, called an X6, costs $115 per month and includes IVR, CRM, journey mapping, and data analytics together with call recording.

Contacts can be imported easily from Google Contacts and Microsoft Outlook to the customer’s desktop. Other voice features include barge, whisper, and monitor. A web web-based interface functions as a typical switchboard and can deliver a text message to a user.

8. 3CX

3CX allows fully functional IP PBX to work with several SIP trunk providers. Its pro plan costs €258 per year. Apps included work for iOS and Android, click-to-call, and WebRTC video conferencing.

Its system features include inbuilt failover, call reports, call recording, office 365 integration, video conferencing, unlimited extensions, mobile and desktop apps, and auto-provision. Its highest plan is an enterprise that allows video conferencing for up to 250 participants and includes a standby license.

The standard plan is free for one year only. The contact center can be accessed via live chat, Facebook messaging, and SMS. The free VoIP plan does not have any call center features.

9. Jive Voice

Jive Voice is a PBX VoIP system that is cloud-based and combines PBX hardware that is conventional into a single solution. The company utilizes internet broadband, PBX call routing system, call recording internet fax, conference calling and a free VoIP softphone app.

The software features include call analytics, call recording, auto attendant, split calls 3-way conferencing, conference bridge, mobile and desktop apps, and an ability to host more than 50 plus users in its premier plan.

The services that Jive offers are suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises and large organizations as well. Additionally CRM is a feature of all its 5 tier plans. The pricing ranges from $29.95 to $19.95 per month.

10. Versature VoIP Phone System

This is a cloud-based software that is provided by a Canadian company, net2phone Canada, and has disrupted the telecommunication industry through its top-notch solutions and highly advanced unified communications tools. The service provided by is a unified Communications and Analytics solution that supports business operations.

The system features are mobile and desktop apps, voicemail to email transcription, CRM integration, a phone number, limited call queues, a fixed number of toll-free minutes, unlimited local calls, and an auto-attendant. The professional plan goes for $34.99 a month and has 5000 free minutes.

Its most basic plan, called Essentials, goes for $29.99 a month. Versature Phone System has 3 plans in its product offering.

11. Intermedia Unite

Intermedia United provides new integrations that other VoIP providers presently do not offer. Customers can use their integrated services with all Microsoft Office and Teams and even on Google G Suite.

The productivity apps are delivered on excellent cloud PBX service which seamlessly integrates video conferencing extensions. The features of this software are call recording, software phone, SIP phone support, a toll-free option, SMS messaging, video conferencing, voice-to-email service, voice transcription, and an E-911 service.

There are three pricing tiers. The top-tier is called Unite Enterprise whose features include audio and video conferencing with up to 200 individuals participating. This comes at no extra cost. The top-tier plan is $32.99 per month. The basic plan costs $19.99 and does not include advanced features such as analytics and other iterations.

12. DialPad

Dialpad is a cloud communication platform powered by AI and is efficient to connect teams that require collaboration. Its newest integration is its voice functionality. The voice intelligence feature identifies actionable information with time. There are three plans; Standard, Pro, and Enterprise.

The Standard plan is billed at $15 a month and is done annually. Customers who wish to pay monthly will pay $20 a month instead of $15. The Standard and Pro plan comes with a 14-day free trial. Features include unlimited calling, limited MMS and SMS, voicemail transcription, Office 365 integrations, Salesforce integration.

The Pro plan costs $25 and includes all standard plan features together with 24/7 customer support and API and Webhooks. Enterprise plans have a 100 license minimum and quotations are gotten by contacting the company directly.

13. Grasshopper

Grasshopper is a virtual phone system provider that supports small businesses. There are no extra costs that come with the addition of devices or business phone numbers. Robust desktop and mobile apps enable business owners to receive multiple calls and route the same when they are unable to receive them or are busy in meetings.

The features of grasshopper systems include extensions, custom greetings, auto-attendant, call forwarding, call transfers, extensions, business texting, auto-attendant, and other useful features.

Grasshopper phone services do not require new equipment. The pricing plan for the solo package is $29 per month and the higher package for smaller businesses is $89 per month and has unlimited extensions.

VoIP reviews rave about the ease with which Grasshopper systems display when it comes to set up and application.

14. Vonage Business Solutions

Vonage partnered with Amazon Chime to offer collaboration tools in its VoIP system. Its platform has management tools that feature conferencing tools for voice, video, and messaging. Connections can be done from anywhere using its mobile and desktop apps.

The features of this app are on-demand call recording, CRM integration, unlimited calling, mobile and desktop apps, SMS messaging, visual voicemail. The pricing of its basic plan is $19.99 a month including taxes and other levies. The minimum term for a contract is one year.

15. Microsoft 365 Business Voice

Microsoft 365 Business Voice has been placed high among the top ten VoIP companies that offer call and meeting Solutions. It has been positioned as the highest provider with both video and calling solutions. The Teams app is available on mobile devices, can be used for out-of-office notifications, and make and receive PSTN calls.

Microsoft 365 is a cloud-based phone system that allows calls from any device with the Microsoft Teams app. The devices can be web and desk phones including desktops. The company offers around-the-clock customer support throughout the week. The service can support up to 300 users and is renewed yearly.

This service is an addition to Microsoft teams and is tailored for small businesses. The features include call queues, auto-attendant, group calling, and some of the integrated features found in Microsoft. Pricing includes a Microsoft 365 subscription at $15 a month.

Some features inform the selection of the best-rated VoIP service. The determinants are costs and features, third-party integrations, mobile apps, and unified services.

The Benefits of Small Business VoIP Providers

VoIP phone systems for medium businesses are essential to keep companies in touch with their teams and customers in a professional manner. This is important for the conversion and retention of business.

The advantages of installing the best-rated VoIP service for small businesses are:

Cheaper telephone calls both locally and internationally
Video conferencing features for communication with staff and customers
The same number can be used anywhere to make calls
Easy to set up
Multiple calls can be made with one number
Overall call usage can be tracked

Business enterprises, both small and large can scale their operations and achieve better results with the use of VoIP technology.

Who is the Best VoIP Provider for Business?

VoIP reviews consider the following as important to provide quality to customers and businesses by lowering their operational costs significantly:

Hardware: The use of softphones and desk phones or a mix of the two.
Administration: Systems for use by the softphones should be easy to set up and take the shortest time.
Saas and UcaaS: Features like free VoIP software, conference calls, SMS and MMS, video conferencing are all integrated into one system.
Advanced features and the number of calls handled.

The above modus operandi can help distinguish the best VoIP providers for business.


Pan Terra offers an all-in-one, cloud-based, and unified communication system for business.
 5/5 (696)

JustCall is an anytime, anywhere, any device cloud-based phone system for sales and support teams.

Rating coming soon

GoToConnect is suitable for connecting team members, customers, and employees within a simple communication system.
 2.9/5 (351)
Nextiva allows you to connect your phone system with business apps, AI and automation on a single platform.
Rating coming soon is a fully-featured, cloud-based virtual phone system boasting ability to interconnect with any service provider.

Rating coming soon