Multi-line VoIP Number Phone Systems

Distributing Calls For Scalability

VoIP phone systems can allow the use of multiple lines. These multiple lines can be used all at once. Multiple line systems reduce costs because they allow organizations to purchase fewer telephone numbers than their employees. These multiple-line systems are used to separate work and personal calls.

Multiple phone lines for business can distribute calls among employees. The main advantage of VoIP multiple-line phone systems is their scalability. More lines and numbers can be added at the same price per user.

Keep reading to find out the best multiple phone line systems for small businesses and how to set up VoIP multiple phones on one line.

Can You Split a VoIP Line?

It is possible to split a VoIP line with the use of multiple Jack connectors to get VoIP multiple lines, same number. A multiple jack extension connector is plugged into an ATA, to multiple phones on one line.

The 10 Best Multi-line Phone Systems

Multi-line phone systems can be adapted for use by businesses of all sizes. They are flexible to use and easy to scale and can support VoIP multiple phones, one line for many business operations at minimal costs.

Here are the 10 best VoIP business phone solutions:

1. PanTerra

PanTerra offers a very comprehensive multi-line phone system experience VoIP business phone solutions service for mid-market enterprises. With market leadership, some of its unique and highly functional product features are unified live monitor, lifetime analytics, detailed reporting, app designer, and unlimited outbound calling.

Pricing for its business plan starts at $24.95l. Customer support services are available throughout the year and the quality of service is unmatched.

2. RingCentral

This cloud-based system allows the set up of many VoIP multiple phone numbers on a cloud PBX system. Businesses can set up rules that dictate how PBX handles all incoming calls to multiple lines.

Features of Ringcentral is video conferencing, toll-free and local numbers, internet fax, extensions, cloud PBX, call reports, call forwarding and call recording, auto-receptionist, audio conferencing, and third-party integrations with other features. The mobile and desktop use iOS and Android apps.

3. GoToConnect

Answering multiple lines with GoToConnect is remarkably simple by eliminating the challenges of handling multiple collaboration solutions. Pricing starts at $19.95 a month.
Its top features are IVR or voice recognition, fax management, file sharing, call routing, chat, call recording, call routing, audio and video conferencing.

4. OnSIP

Account administrators using OnSIP can create direct lines to several employees with each user having a personal extension. An added functionality is the creation of multiple SIP aliases for separate roles.

OnSIP features are video conferencing, call logging, call routing, live chat, caller ID, and call recording. Pricing starts at $18.95 a month and comes with a free trial and free version for multi-line VoIP phone systems.

5. MagicJack for Business

The product features include online call logs, call queue, call blocking, auto attendant, call transfer, enhanced call forwarding, Mobile App for iOS and Android, conference bridge, an E911 service, and many other features. Service starts at $15.99 per month regardless of the phone a business is using.

MagicJack for business app is included free for any number in a business account.
Businesses with phone numbers can set multiple phone lines for small businesses at MagicJack for free. The service also provides for custom vanity phone numbers.

6. Fonality

Fonality delivers VoIP business phone solutions on cloud-based unified or on-premise solutions to small and medium-sized businesses. It allows small and medium-sized businesses to deploy their needs in its public and private clouds and multiple phone lines one number.

Fonality features are extensive and include drag-and-drop call management, agent variable log-off, multiple calls, outbound caller ID, Google contacts integration, virtual extensions, PSTN fall-back among many others. Pricing starts from $19.99 per month.

7. Ooma

Ooma has a second line feature that allows multi-line VoIP phone systems users to attach two phone lines to one number. Users also have the option to select a second phone number. For multiple lines, the Ooma dial tone can be distributed to multiple jacks. Ooma Premier subscribers can connect up to seven phones.

The basic service starts at no cost with charges on porting, phone number change, and directory assistance. Premier services cost $9.99 a month. Features for the service include three-way conference calls, conference bridge, virtual receptionist, unlimited calls in the US and Canada, music on hold, and ring groups.

8. Vonage

Users can use VoIP multiple phone numbers on the Vonage system. The Vonage Business Communications Extension can be set up to use up to three phones. This 3-line phone system is convenient because it doesn’t require the phone in use to be plugged and unplugged for use.

The most basic plan costs $19.99 per month with unlimited team messaging, unlimited SMS, unlimited calls, and a Vonage app center. This comes with a 14-day free trial that can include up to 99 numbers.

9. Avaya

Avaya phones support multiple phone lines for small businesses. Users can add phones to the Avaya Cloud Office Phone app and specify the digital line they would like to use. This requires no special equipment to install.

The pricing is between $19.99 to $49.99 per month. The telephone features are call queuing, call recording, IVR system, audio paging, gate access control, Avaya hotdesking.

10. Nextiva

Nextiva allows the setting up of Multi-line VoIP phone systems for single users. The shared call appearance feature allows users to make multiple calls from devices designated to Nextiva.

Users can set this up themselves by entering the MAC address of their device and a distinctive ID. Prices range between $18.95 with features such as unlimited voice and video calling, unlimited internet fax, 24/7 customer support among others.

Multi-line phone systems are essential to enable businesses to manage their operations all over the world.

How to Setup a Multi-Line Phone System

Multi-line phone systems are easy to set up. They are ideal for use in small businesses and large organizations as well.

Here are a few steps to set up multi-line phone systems:

  • If a two phone line system is not being used, a two-line splitter or wall jacks will be used.
  • Purchase the correct equipment.
  • Contact your VoIP business phone solutions provider to activate the service.
  • You are now ready to use a multi-line VoIP.

Most VoIP providers have multiple-line VoIP phone systems that can be purchased at fair prices.



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