Residential VoIP Providers

Residential VoIP is Affordable & Feature Rich

VoIP services are affordable calling options that come with many features that traditional telephones do not come with. Many residences are equipped with stable and reliable internet connections and residents can get the best VoIP for home use through these internet connections and route calls through an ethernet router and a PBX server.

A residential VoIP service is essential because of its versatility and the operational cost is relatively low. Traditional phone lines are not as scalable as VoIP and costs may go up especially when additional handsets are required. VoIP users can make and receive as many calls using multiple electronic gadgets.

Keep reading to find out more about the seven best residential VoIP providers.

What is Residential VoIP?

Residential VoIP systems utilize a home internet service to make and receive calls. This is achieved through an IP phone and an Analog Telephone Adapter. The features that come with residential VoIP systems are indeed many and far exceed those that come by the use of conventional telephones or fixed landlines.

There is an element of savings that comes through the use of a residential VoIP service. With a VoIP phone at home, individuals are able to transact their businesses successfully from any location and work remotely. People can successfully transfer their calls, dial extensions, and use their existing internet connection to make unlimited calls.

Home VoIP services are not costly when compared to traditional standard phone services. Individuals and business owners may expect very attractive packages with regard to specials, sign-up bonuses, and additional calling features.

The 7 Best Residential VoIP Systems

VoIP service providers provide systems that are cheaper to use than conventional landlines. VoIP service providers’ international packages for voip international long distance calls are very attractive and cheaper when they have a footprint in a particular territory. This makes it possible to make unlimited international calls up to a given number of minutes every month.

Traditional cellular networks may not allow people to make free calls within their own network, unlike VoIP providers. The best VoIP service for home phone calls has multifunctional capabilities that are convenient and flexible.

Here are the seven best residential VoIP providers for home services:

1. PanTerra

PanTerra Networks is a market leader in cloud-based communication services among VoIP service providers and provides customizable residential VoIP systems. The service is entirely web browser-oriented because it is cloud-based. There is seamless connectivity and people can access services anywhere in the world.

Customers who have reviewed PanTerra Networks have voted them the best VoIP service for home and attest to the great voice quality and wonderful customer service experience. The network is an all-in-one provider that supports virtually all mobile devices that use the Android and IOS mobile apps.

Pricing is affordable and the kind of quality offered is unmatched. PanTerra has a remarkable VoIP uptime meaning that there are several redundancies in place to take care of any system downtimes.

2. 1-VoIP

1-VoIP offers affordable tailor-made plans to its residential VoIP customers. The company has a three-tier plan that includes premium features, unlimited calls depending on the package one has taken, and unlimited incoming minutes. The plans are all-inclusive and come with hardware already included in those packages.

Customer reviews mention that 1-VoIP services are reasonably priced and its interface is intuitive. Its feature set is harmonious across its three plans and includes virtual faxing, call forwarding, call, and spam filtering, speed dial, do not disturb, anonymous call reject among many others.

1-VoIP offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and no setup fees. The company is based in Oklahoma City, OK.

3. Voiply

Voiply offers both business and home VoIP services. Voiply’s system Is a plug-and-play install service that comes with a simultaneous ring, voicemail to email, and an enhanced 911 dial service with an emergency dispatcher. This is facilitated by a high-speed internet connection and a Voiply adapter.

Other features include a free extra line and the ability to answer an incoming call via your Voiply number. In areas where there is poor network coverage, users can make calls on 3G and 4G networks using a WiFi connection.

Customers have the option of picking add-on services like online fax, spam call bot. The Voiply Adapter comes free and is charged $8.95 monthly. Pricing starts at $7.16 a month for the most basic service.

4. Phone Power

Phone power is reputed for its excellent customer support service that provides support chat, telephone, and email. Their VoIP phone home service includes availability during weekends. There is unlimited calling for the US and Canada and an extra 60 minutes of international calling to more than 75 countries all over the world.

Phone Power offers a three-tiered plan with flexible payment terms of purchase. The basic plan starts from $8.33 monthly and service can be accessed through a free 30 days trial period where one can cancel anytime for a full refund.

5. VOIPo

The service features more than 40 features like a free rollover line, 60 minutes of free international calls every month. Their calls are unlimited to the US and Canada and there is a 30-day money back guarantee.

VOIPo offers a 2-year phone prepay plan and its service starts from $6.21 monthly and this excludes both activations and set up fees. Their customer support service is available from Monday to Friday.

6. Axvoice

AXvoice is one of the cheapest home VoIP telephone service providers in the United States and Canada. The company offers three plans with the most popular plan at $8.25 per month and offers unlimited calls anywhere in the U.S. and Canada. This plan includes unlimited outgoing minutes and more than 30 features.

The most basic plan is a “Pay as You Go” service that doesn’t have any free minutes. Some of the features include call forwarding, simultaneous ring, enhanced voicemail, call forwarding, online account management, failover, and caller ID with name. The service however does not offer text services and voicemail transcriptions.

7. Vonage

Vonage is a VoIP home phone service provider whose services are available in North America and worldwide. With three plans that range between $14.99 and $19.99, there is free shipping and activation and offer terms include a one-year agreement. Vonage allows its customers to find a home plan based on the countries they call the most.

Setting up a Vonage Box is easy and there is an option of keeping an existing phone number or getting a new one. VoIP features include Vonage extensions, selective call block, Voicemail, enhanced call forwarding, and simulating that allows the dialing of up to five telephone numbers at the same time.

The best residential VoIP providers have been ranked based on customer reviews and points assigned to each depending on the level of satisfactory quality, ease of installation, and cost.

The Benefits of Residential Home VoIP Services

Migrating from a landline telephone to home VoIP is a step that will save individuals and homeowners their telephone bills by reducing costs that are incidental to installing and maintaining handsets.

The best VoIP for home use combines several factors and features.

Here are the benefits of a residential VoIP service:

  • Low costs on PBX and calling expenses
  • The increased accessibility from anywhere in the world
  • Clarity of voice calls
  • Offers multitasking options
  • Personal encrypted security
  • Portability enhanced through virtual numbers

A VoIP home phone service is useful because it has many versatile features that come at no extra charges. There are multiple phone options to use that can be connected to many mobile apps and a wireless phone, an example is voip app for iphone. The best VoIP service for home and office use maximize efficiency and lowers overall telephone bills



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